While the market is still feeling the repercussions of the Coronavirus, air cargo demand was up month-on-month in July (Source: The Load Star & International Airport Review). With this in mind, let’s take a look at just a few of the benefits that air freight can offer to you!

It’s FAST!

When it comes to a rapid transport service, nothing is quicker than air freight shipping for long distances. If you have a consignment that needs to get to a destination in a timely fashion, you can’t settle for anything less than the quickest option available. This is especially true for perishable goods that may not have a long life span, or simply urgent goods that must get to their destination ASAP.

Air freight shipping offers clients a direct and rapid solution for transporting goods around the globe. Although ocean shipping is the most common form of large shipment transportation, airplanes are upto 30 times quicker than their ocean alternative (Source: Freightos). Cruising speeds of 575 mph will ensure your goods are delivered in a faster manner than any other option available.

The Costs Are Versatile

With air freight shipping, there is more than one option available to you when it comes to costs. While air freight shipping is one of the more expensive options available to clients, this doesn’t mean that cost saving measures aren’t available to you.

If your consignment isn’t too time-sensitive, you have the option of bundling your goods with other cargo. This means that while the flights are less frequent – the cost is cheaper too! Remember that this option, while cheaper and less time-efficient, is still fast due to it being transported by plane. This is a great option available to clients who are looking to save money while still getting a fast service. Furthermore, because air freight is so swift as well as secure (more on that below), insurance rates are often 10% – 30% lower than they are for sea travel (Source: SBS Logistics).

It’s Secure

If you’ve travelled by plane as a passenger, then you’ll know how strict the process is. This is no different for goods that travel by air in cargo planes.

There are many reasons why air freight is a safe option for your shipping requirements. Firstly, the nature of this transport method means that there is less handling of items during the transit process. Secondly, there are strict rules and regulations surrounding air travel. When consignments are taken to highly secure, monitored cargo terminals or receiving areas, they are treated with the utmost care & management, greatly reducing the risk of both damage and theft.

Furthermore, many air freight methods also offer accurate tracking facilities. This allows you to see where your items are at all times, giving you peace of mind. At Hawley Logistics, we have established a reliable and trusted network of partners who we work with to ensure your goods are covered from the ground right through to its final destination.


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